Apps, Technology and Audience Engagement - An Interview with Jane Alexander of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander, the Chief Digital Information Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art discusses the ArtLens app, audience engagement, digital natives, and social sharing in the newest episode of the AMT-Lab podcast series.

Podcast: Digital Civil Society, Blockchain, and Data Management in the Nonprofit Sector

In the newest installment of the ATM-Lab podcast series, Chief Editor, Jenee Iyer, speaks with Lucy Bernholz, Director and Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society about digital civil society, blockchain, data analytics and more.

Radically Open: A Conversation with ArtPrize's Christian Gaines

Christian Gaines, the Executive Director of ArtPrize, recently sat down with AMT Lab Chief Editor Patrick Zakem to talk about the necessity of open systems, the challenges of starting a large organization with a startup ethos, and Artprize’s innovative mobile application. Listen to their conversation here!

Thinking Big with Michael Edson

Michael Edson, Associate Director and Head of Digital for the United Nations Live—Museum for Humanity, recently sat down with AMT-Lab Chief Editor Patrick Zakem to talk about his work. Listen here to to hear Michael's views on organizational change, the digital commons, and how new ways of work are influencing the museum space.