Consumers Spent Big This Holiday Season - What and How Did They Buy, and What May Capture Their Attention Next?

There are a lot of options for how people may choose to allocate their time, attention, and financial resources. To an extent there is competition in the cultural sector between museums, theaters, and other similar organizations, but external options, such as other forms of entertainment or educational technology, present a plethora of choices for the consumer. With that in mind, as we start the year let’s take a brief scan of what was hot in the tech world through the 2018 holiday season, and what appears to be on the horizon.

AMT Lab News Roundup: August

August tends to be summer's warmest month, and the news in the arts management and technology sector was just as hot. Cuseum released a report on AR’s visitor impact, early blockchain prototypes were found in the New York Times, and the Broad Museum shared details on their upcoming smart gallery labels. Plus, if your organization hasn’t thought about Pinterest in a while, you may want to. Read on to find out more!