Podcast Episode #84 - Social Media Spotlight: Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. in Washington, DC has been getting a lot of press lately about their re-launch of the Pulitzer-Prize winning play "Clybourne Park". Along with the production, Woolly Mammoth has begun an innovative audience engagement campaign that includes many social media platforms. In this podcast, Rachel Grossman (Connectivity Director for the theater) answers questions about social media planning, what "connectivity" actually means, and integrating efforts across platforms.[display_podcast]

Podcast Episode #82 - Tech Tips for Small Arts Organizations

techtipsIn this episode, the Technology in the Arts team discuss 10 tech tips to help small arts organizations maximizing their effectiveness while minimizing the impact on their budgets. Topics include: all things Google, free broadcast email, social media strategy, establishing a mobile presence, using Facebook as your brand, location-based social media platforms, TechSoup Global, and more!

Cool Sites of the Episode:

  • Molly - We Are Media
  • David - VYou
  • Tara - Soundcloud
  • Tom - ArtBabble
  • Amelia - The Producer's Perspective
  • Podcast Episode #81 - Audience Feedback 2.0 - Quantifying Intrinsic Impact

    theatrebayareaIn this episode, David talks with Clayton Lord from Theatre Bay Area about their work on "Audience Feedback 2.0" - a research study conducted with Wolf Brown on measuring the intrinsic impact (intellectual, social,  and emotional) of a theatrical performance on audiences within 18 theatres in 6 cities throughout the United States.  The study seeks to establish:

    • A web-based interface to eventually allow any company to do their own impact study at minimal expense
    • A data set that will be useful for artists, administrators, advocates, funders and audience members
    • A series of national conversations designed to tackle how best to talk about the arts in a way that isn't economic

    For more information:

    The Intrinsic Impact Project - Theatre Bay Area's current online record for the project

    Intrinsic Impact: New Approaches to Audience and Visitor Feedback - a 60-minute webinar conducted by Wolf Brown and hosted by Americans for the Arts.  (Must be an AFTA member to view this webinar.)

    Major University Presenters Value and Impact Study - a two-year study of the values and motivations driving performing arts attendance and donation.

    Podcast Episode #78 - Seven Digital Trends and Their Implications for the Creative Sector

    TITA78-ImageFor this end-of-year podcast episode, we take a look at numerous trends in the technology sector and their implications for nonprofit arts and culture organizations. David talks with Brian Newman, author of the essay "Inventing the Future of the Arts: Seven Digital Trends that Present Challenges and Opportunities for Success in the Cultural Sector" from the recently published 20UNDER40: Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century. Their conversation explores ways in which the trends identified in Brian's essay will impact the creative sector as well as how arts organizations can adapt to these shifts in our culture.  Topics include:  downsizing and mergers, with-profit collaborations, disintermediation and the new role for curators, particpatory culture, electracy, and more.

    Cool Sites of the Episode

    20Under40 - For further information on the project, discussion forums addressing the ideas put forth by these arts leaders, and more. Buy the hardback | Buy the e-book | Discuss Brian's chapter

    SpringBoardMedia - Brian Newman's blog on the future of the media arts.  You can also follow Brian on Twitter at @bnewman01.

    The Long Tail - Wired editor Chris Anderson's book about the potential power of niche markets.

    The Participatory Museum - Nina K. Simon's guide to making cultural institutions more dynamic, relevant and essential.

    Podcast Episode #75 - NAMP 2010 Breakdown with Ron Evans

    Ron Evans
    Ron Evans

    In the first in a three-part series of podcast episodes (2 | 3) featuring interviews from the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, David talks with Ron Evans from Group of Minds Arts Marketing and Technology Consultants about the events and phenomena of interest during the conference. The conversation includes:

    - Live streaming video during arts conferences - Conference participants using Twitter to communicate with each other and those unable to attend - Notable plenaries and panel sessions - Tips for arts conference planners - The art of conference presentations - Minimalism vs Bullet Crazy - Reasons to lose your NAMP Conference virginity

    Cool Sites of the Episode:

    Technology in the Arts' Conference Recap Videos on Vimeo - Imagine a cross between The View and an arts conference. 'Nuff said.

    NAMP 2010 on Livestream - The NAMP Conference provided live streaming video for two plenaries and one panel session to the general public courtesy of support from Livestream.

    Twitter Discussion for NAMP 2010 - The use of Twitter to communicate with each other exploded among attendees at this year's NAMP Conference with over 5,000 tweets during the 3.5 day event.

    Backupify - Daily online backup for your social media and software-as-a-service data.

    Presentations on Google Docs - Allows you to keep your presentation in a tab within your browser so that you can jump between the presentation and online content.

    Podcast Episode #69 - Social Media Spotlight on the Mattress Factory

    JeffInschoIn this episode of Technology in the Arts, Corwin Christie talks with Jeffrey Inscho, Director of Media and Public Relations for the Mattress Factory - a museum of contemporary installation art, about ways in which arts organizations can develop cost effective technology initiatives and partner with technology providers. Related Links Mattress Factory - Friendship v2.0 SCREEENtxt BrightKite MF iConfess Deep Local

    Technology in the Arts #64

    Flickr, CC by cybaea In this episode of Technology in the Arts, Brad interviews Matt Lehrman of Alliance for Audience and Lehrman and Dwight Gee of ArtsFund and were the leaders of the first stage of Project Audience, a Mellon Foundation funded project focused on envisioning the next generation of audience development.

    (Photo: Flickr, CC by cybaea)


    Technology in the Arts #48

    The Steve Project is a research effort to determine how social tagging can best serve the museum community. Steve is a collaboration of museum professionals that view tagging tools as valuable new mechanisms for describing and accessing museum collections and encouraging visitor engagement with museum objects. Susan Chun and Rob Stein are two of the Steve Project coordinators, and they're Brad's guests this episode.

    The song used to close this episode is I'm with Steve Now by thehipcola. The song was downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network, a phenomenal resource for podcasters.

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    Podcast - Technology in the Arts #48

    Technology in the Arts #39

    In our most recent episode, Brad interviews Ben Cameron, program director for the arts at Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF).

    Ben Cameron From 1998 until he started with the DDCF in July 2006, Ben served as the executive director of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national service organization for not-for-profit theatres. Prior to that appointment, he was active in corporate philanthropy, first as senior program officer at the Dayton Hudson Foundation and subsequently as manager of community relations at Target Stores in Minneapolis.

    Ben has taught theatre at the Yale School of Drama, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Virginia Tech, and Columbia University.

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    Podcast - Technology in the Arts #39

    Technology in the Arts #15

    Podcast - Technology in the Arts #15 In our most recent podcast, Brad and Jason discuss RSS feeds, Web 2.0 - and 3.0! - and busking as art.

    Use the following handy-dandy links to follow along with the episode:

    Yahoo! Pipes - Very cool multi-RSS tool

    MySpace Demise? - An article about the death of social networking

    'Pearls Before Breakfast' - Is it wrong to ignore subway musicians when you're sleepy?

    Search by Humming - Search for a song by humming into your computer's microphone

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