Getting Your Arts Organization Started with Location Based Social Marketing

 June 2017 | Peixiao Liu

This report gives background about LSN technology, its use in arts organizations, why and how arts organizations can take advantage of its benefits, and provides recent case studies of its successful use in organizations around the world.

User Level: Beginner


VR Opportunities

May 2017 | Sofia Auffret

This white paper explains how arts managers can use videos to show and promote the use of VR. By doing so, they have the opportunity of attracting broader and younger audiences.

User Level: Beginner


Insights Into Google AdWords for Arts Managers

February 2017 |  Seggen Mikael

Find step-by-step instructions to setting up your first Google AdWords campaign and recommendations to help you derive the most value from the tool.  

User Level: Beginner


Learning From Leaders: Data Practices in the Opera Industry

February 2016 | Kevin O'Hora

This case study details four opera companies and how each utilizes external data acquired through their website to inform decision making processes. These practices lend insight into the role of data analysis in the cultural sector at large.

User Level: Beginner


From Strategy to Analysis: A Guide to Navigating Google Analytics

August 2015 | Kristen Sorek West

A comprehensive case study to show how arts managers can use Google analytics to achieve organizational goals.

User Level: Intermediate


Social Media Management Software: An Overview for Small Arts Organizations

May 2014 | Caroline Brent

How to create a social media management framework and management software that can aid implementation of a social media plan. Includes product comparisons of HootSuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer. 

User Level: Beginner


Making Data-Driven Decisions for Marketing-Focused Outcomes

January 2014 | Christine Sajewski

An introduction to strategic uses of internal arts marketing data

User Level: Beginner


Mobile Technology and You: A Guide for Arts Organizations

April 2013 | Michelle Cheng

Opportunities and challenges of apps and other mobile website technology

User Level: Intermediate