A Simple Guide to Data Analytics for Nonprofits

A Simple Guide to Data Analytics for Nonprofits

More than a trend or a buzzword, data analytics is here to stay. Newcomers to arts management may find themselves asking, what does data analytics mean for me, and how and why does my organization need to use it? If you are new to arts management, or the data world in general, this two part series is for you!

QR Code Generator: The Easy Tool for Audience Engagement and Data Collection

Arts managers and arts organizations strive to find ways to engage their audiences.  They also benefit greatly from immediate feedback. A simple way to engage audiences and understand their experiences is to implement the use of quick response codes (QR codes).  QR codes are currently used in a variety of ways to assess understanding, interests, and collect suggestions.  For example, at Mie University, QR codes are used for formative assessment during the learning process.  Analysis of the student responses allows the university to adjust curriculum, resources, and instruction to better meet learning needs.  Organizations that wish to engage and educate their audiences often have similar objectives.  Arts managers and arts organizations that implement QR codes will gain the power to adjust to audience needs and interests in order to make the greatest impact. 

Although there are many ways to begin making QR codes, this review focuses on QR Code Generator because it immediately collects user data, is user friendly, provides elevated customization, and is competitively priced. QR Code Generator is a web application software that allows users to create their own QR codes.  

Pros of Using QR Code Generator:

Immediate Data Collection

Every time a QR code is scanned, creators receive an email.  This email will be sent to the account email address.  If a creator’s code involves audience participation or feedback, the email will include the audience responses.  Emails are sent directly after a scan so creators can get immediate feedback.  

 User Friendly

QR Code Generator is easy to navigate throughout the entire creation process.  The software guides users in a straightforward sequence as they create their QR codes.  Users can organize creations in different folders or search for past codes in the search field on the homepage.    


Figure 1 QR Code Generator Homepage    Source: Author Screen Shot

Figure 1 QR Code Generator Homepage

Source: Author Screen Shot

Elevated Customization

QR code generator offers customization that its competitors currently do not. When creating a dynamic QR code, users can create codes that connect to MP3s, videos, websites, interactive screens, as well as other options seen in Figure 2.  QR Code Generator’s competitors, Unitag and Kaywa offer customization, but when trying to create codes, they were not as easy to use.  In Unitag and Kaywa, there were fewer customization options, and users do not have the opportunity to manipulate the visual presentation of the code as thoroughly as in QR Code Generator.  In QR Code Generator, users simply click on what they want. 

Figure 2 - QR Code Generator Code Creation Page    Source: Author Screen Shot

Figure 2 - QR Code Generator Code Creation Page

Source: Author Screen Shot

Figure 3 - QR Code Generator Code Creation Page    Source: Author Screen Shot

Figure 3 - QR Code Generator Code Creation Page

Source: Author Screen Shot

Con of Using QR Code Generator 

Printing Challenges

Printing clear and appropriately sized codes is essential to reaping the benefits of your investment in a QR generator.  If audiences cannot scan the code or if the code is unattractive, it will not yield desired results. If it is not getting scanned, it will also hinder data collection. In QR Code Generator, users can download their codes as PNG, JPG, SVG or EPS files.  However, if you choose to brand your code, you must download the code in PNG format.  The web application software does not offer support through the printing process.  It is up to the user to determine how they would like the product to turn out.  However, upon my experimenting, there were no technical printing issues that arose.  All prints were scannable and code size could be manipulated. 

 Purchasing Information

 Pricing and Plans

QR Code Generator has three available plans as seen in Figure 4. Pricing depends on the current Euro to dollar conversion.  Users can upgrade plans at any time and will receive a prorated refund.  If you wish to cancel your plan, be sure to do so before the next year because plans automatically renew.  


Figure 4    QR Code Plan Comparison

Figure 4

QR Code Plan Comparison

If an arts manager or arts organization is looking for an easy way to increase audience engagement and/or collect information about the audience it serves, QR Code Generator is a tool to consider.  Its simplicity and customization options set it apart from its competitors.  Arts Managers need audience data, and the use of QR codes will enable easy collection and essential audience data analysis. 



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Using Evernote to Mobilize Teams

Using Evernote to Mobilize Teams

Evernote's logo is the profile of an elephant.  Why? Because elephants "never forget."  Evernote is an intuitive virtual solution (although it has an off-line option). It is useful for individuals and businesses and has many features that make it superior to ‘shared drives’ on locations like Google or Dropbox. The following post outlines how our team has used it, but also how Evernote is improving for businesses through its recent launch of ‘Spaces’.