Looking to the future: 2019-2020 at AMT lab

Hello AMT Lab Readers,

I am the incoming Chief Editor of the Arts Management and Technology Platform, Lydia Kilian.  Last year I worked with AMTLab as a contributor  and am looking forward to 2019-2020.  I am delighted to take on the role of Chief Editor following Jenée Iyer, who led the platform through significant exploration of Blockain and Artificial Intelligence.  Some of the subject matter you can expect to find here in 2019-2020 includes AR/VR/MR, Interactives, the future of CRM systems, Emerging tools for Data Visualization, and, of course, cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Also, stay tuned for upcoming whitepapers on Internet2 and music education, and live streaming for performing arts organizations. We are also launching a more formal engagement with the entertainment side of the arts world and will include reports on how the entertainment sector is using data and emerging technology to run their businesses and reach new audiences.  This content comes from the CMU Master of Entertainment Management students’ research in Los Angeles.

You may have noticed some exciting changes here on our website. Over the summer our Executive Director Brett Ashley Crawford and contributor Emily Halpern undertook the endeavor of revamping the website. It’s the same great content, just a slightly updated design. We hope you enjoy exploring the new site.

As the summer cools off into fall, take some time to investigate posts you may have missed, like our Summer Road Trip Series. We enjoyed discovering how institutions across the country are using technology to enhance visitor experience or how artists are using technology to transform their work. We hope you do too.

I served as a contributor to AMT lab in the spring and am excited to take on this larger responsibility. As an active music teacher with an undergraduate degree in piano performance, I am eager to explore ways in which technology can be applied to the field of arts management, specifically in educational programming. I look forward to the new research we will bring to you this year!

Lydia Kilian

Chief Editor