What is Internet2 and How Can Music Education Programs Use It?

As online connoisseurs we are familiar with the public face of the Internet, a digital space we frequent often in both our personal and professional lives. We think less about the back end of the network, the underbelly where the data is accessed — unless  we’re involved in infrastructure support. Now imagine a network like the Internet, except exclusive in access meaning no commercialization. That’s Internet2, which exists to streamline network access for entities with a commitment to research and education. It turns out that this network offers a myriad of practical applications beyond its academic use. For years, orchestras across the U.S. have been building their community engagement, youth orchestras, and education programs to provide equal opportunity for underrepresented students. This paper will examine this technology and its various uses to music organizations in both education and performance contexts.

First, it will discuss the nature of Internet2 technology and detail how low latency audio and videoconferencing facilitates musicians connecting across vast distances. Then, it will present different cases in which music organizations are leveraging the technology for masterclasses as well as rehearsals and performances. The opportunity is huge for music organizations across the country to acquire access to Internet2 technology and utilize it to develop more robust education programs.

Check out the full report here! (PDF)