#TBT: Artificial Intelligence

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After reading this article in this week's news about Sophia, a robot who acts human and makes facial expressions, AMT Lab wanted to take a look back at our own writing on artificial intelligence (AI). Although the arts aren't trying to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence like Sophia's creators are, there are still major advances and significant opportunities for our field.

2016 was the year of AI according to Mircrosoft. Here are the projects from tech giants working to connect AI and the creative industries. Some of the programs mentioned in this article by contributor, Mandy Ding, are Baidu AI composer, Google's Project Magenta, Microsoft's partnership with Tate Britain and more. 

Maybe your interest in AI is more specific to certain areas? In this article, contributor Zaijun Wu takes us through the ways that AI can make the museum experience more engaging. This whitepaper from Justin GIlmore shows us all of the technological advances, including AI, that CRMs are using right now.