Highlights of 2017 and a mini-preview of what is to come

Welcome to 2018! 

As we plan for another year of deep investigation into the role of technology in our arts organizations, it seemed appropo to look back to see where we found our big ideas over the last 12 months.

If you are new to our research and work this will be a fun sampling.  If you are frequent reader with a ridiculously busy life, skim through -- perhaps you missed something fun! 

We will look forward to moving into 2018 with investigations into how the FCC ruling on Net Neutrality will affect arts institutions, when and where you can create better frameworks for data security, what the best and most effective tools are for digital fundraising, best practices for digital archiving , and much, much more.

2017 Highlights

Robots & Drones in the Arts

Smart Cities and the Arts

Digital Storytelling for Advocacy Maximization

Mapping an Understanding of NEA grants

Ticket Bots

Project Management Tools Just for You

Augmented Reality and Museum Education

Removing Bias in Hiring

And interviews with some of the tech and management leaders in the field