News Roundup:

AMT Lab brings some relevant articles from the web to your arts organization in this week's edition of the News Roundup:

Understanding Media Consumption Patterns for Generations X,Y, and X


Choosing how to allocate your marketing budget and employee hours is never simple. YouTube reigns supreme across all generations when it comes to video consumption. Interestingly, Instagram and Snapchat both top Facebook when it comes to where millennials watch video. As far as what they watch, Gen Xers and Gen Y tend to be drawn towards how-to videos while Gen Z watched the most vlogs and style collection videos.


Using Post Intelligence to Predict Social Media Performance

Post Intelligence is a unique way to use predictive analytics on social media postings. It works in two ways. First, once connected to your social media account, it will generate a suggested list of links that would be relevant for you to post. Second, after you type your post, it provides data on when to post it and how well it may perform. It is a simple tool to help you keep your posts on point and matched to your target audience.


Changes Coming to LinkedIn

The way relationships are managed in LinkedIn is changing. LinkedIn is removing the ability to add notes, reminders and tags to the relationships section. If you wish to download any information you have entered in these areas, you may do so until May 31, 2017.