News Roundup: SnapChat, Facebook, AI, and Google Analytics

In this new update, SnapChat added a feature so that automatically launches a business' website when the Quick Response (QR) of that business is scanned. This new feature aims to increase businesses’ appeal to Snapchat and hopefully get them to engage in the app more often. Included in the article is a quick tutorial on how to set up this feature.

Facebook launches a marketing mix modeling portal for comparing Facebook ads to TV, print & more

This article includes a look into Facebook’s new Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM). This update to Facebook includes clear metrics for integrations across multiple platforms from TV to print. This translates to organizations tracking their campaign success across different platforms and allowing a better understanding of an organization’s media mix. Facebook has also added new partners, increasing their global third-party measurement partners to 24. 


Facebook’s AI now lets you search for photos by their content

Facebook appears in the news again, this time for their application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow users to search pictures using keywords. 

Conductor’s new mobile app helps businesses understand what customers are searching for

New App alert! Conductor specializes in marketing tools and aims to give organizations “quick access to the voice of the consumer.” The user of the app can view what related searches people are looking at when they search a specific entry. It also identifies the journey to purchasing, allowing insight to what consumers search before clicking purchase on a certain item. 

Google removes restrictions from free version of Data Studio, its tool for creating customized reports

Google’s free version of Data Studio, released in March 2016, was geared at smaller organizations. The biggest limitation was a cap at producing five reports. This limit has now been removed allowing an increase in interactive reports and dashboards. This article also includes a quick five-minute video introducing Google Data Studio to catch you up. Check out “From Strategy To Analysis: A Guide To Navigating Google Analytics” to learn more about Google Analytics.