Using Augmented Reality is Really Simple

With so many methods of engagement available through technology, what is actually feasible for the average arts organization? Some museums have ventured into Augmented Reality (AR) and made it their own. Organizations like the Seattle Museum of Art, the Cleveland Art Museum, and the British Art Museum, have been able to engage their audiences utilizing their mobile devices.  

How can performing arts organizations also use AR for optimum engagement. Not all organizations have the bandwidth or budget like the Royal Shakespeare Company, to bring in Intel and have an immersive experience. However, there are ways to simplify technology and implement AR at a fraction of the cost. 

AR Final Infographic.png

Placing a 3D dancing figure dancing on YMCA, on the Album cover/art whenever it shows up! The applications of Augmented Reality in Arts Organisations are many and varied, this is just a small example.

Technology Credit Sunil Nayak, 2nd Year Graduate Student, ETC, Carnegie Mellon University



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