White Paper Wednesday: Sensory Friendly Performances and You

Every summer, AMT Lab's staff has to opportunity to look back at our history and reflect. This year, this process has yielded an important finding: we've got a lot of great content! From our years of publishing original research, we have countless articles and interviews with leaders in the field. But perhaps the pieces that continue to be the most valuable over time are our publications.

This summer at AMT Lab, the editorial staff is reintroducing some of these gems, from subjects as disparate as cloud based computing and fundraising challenges in the 21st century. Every Wednesday, we'll reintroduce a white paper from our past that still has great use value for managers in the field.

First up is Christine Sajewski's 2015 publication, Opening Doors: Welcoming New Audiences with Sensory Friendly Performances. In this thorough piece of research, Sajewski takes a look at the myriad of benefits sensory friendly programming can provide an arts organizations, as well as the internal challenges that must be met in order to provide this valuable and important work.

To read Christine's full report, click here.