4 Technology Tips to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Weekend!

Image from www.pixabay.com

Image from www.pixabay.com

Happy Thanksgiving weekend from all of us here at AMT Lab! We hope that no matter where you are over this holiday weekend, you get some time to relax, decompress, and spend time with those you are most thankful in the world.

Here are some technology tips from us help you make the most of your days off:

1. Thursday: Turn OFF your fitness tracking device to remove all feelings of guilt. If your plans are like ours, you will probably not be doing much besides, sitting on the couch while the Macy’s Day Parade, standing in the kitchen, and eating Thanksgiving delicacies.

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2. Friday: Turn your fitness tracking device back ON while hitting the local malls and shopping centers to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales all day long.

3. Saturday and Sunday: Check for weekend extension sales on your favorite store’s website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Many companies extend their Black Friday deals all weekend long – Glamour magazine compiled a list of popular clothing and accessory store Thanksgiving deals

image by  by Springwools Online Shopping

image by by Springwools Online Shopping

4. Monday: SHOP ONLINE to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales, but shop smartly and safely:

  • Get online at exactly midnight to ensure you get everything on your wish list
  • Make sure you are shopping on a store’s genuine website and only download store shopping apps from the official Apple, Android, or Google app stores. Encryption is key to avoiding credit card fraud, and according to www.marketwatch.com, “Users should make sure the URL is correct and begins with “HTTPS,” or has a lock symbol next to the web address, which means it is encrypted”. For more tips on avoiding sites targeted at online consumers, click here
  • Only shop on secure sites only to avoid credit card fraud. To find out more about shopping securely, click here.
  • Check the return policy on those great deals just in case there are unique policies.
  • Screenshot your order confirmation. Don’t know how to screenshot on your device? Click here.
Image by http://www.creditcardchaser.com/

Image by http://www.creditcardchaser.com/

That’s all, folks. Have a great weekend!