Links roundup

This just in: Audience data from 2008There have been plenty of reactions to the Audience 2.0 report released last month by the NEA.  In his article on the Dance/USA blog, Mark Kirschner of TenduTV reminds us that since May 2007, the beginning of the survey period, Apple has released four generations of the iPhone and Facebook's user base has grown 20-fold.  Marc Van Bree digs into what we can learn from the report, even though the data can’t be easily compared to data from earlier iterations of the study.  And Jennifer Edwards and Sydney Skybetter read the report as a call for dance artists to start engaging audiences online.  What is your reaction?  Is this report useful?

Reality, only better ReadWriteWeb’s report on a new augmented reality textbook reminded me of this story from Art21 on the Louvre-DNP Museum Lab.  And also this AR version of BP’s logo.  What is your favorite example of augmented reality?

Newspapers are over In an interview with the Guardian, Clay Shirky, author of Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, predicts that the traditional print newspaper is doomed and that Rupert Murdoch’s experiment in charging for online content will fail.  On a related note, the internet is over as well.  How is your marketing team taking the news?

Wait, iPods used to come loaded with Pong? This and nine other fun facts about Apple, courtesy of Mashable.