Friday fun Links

Here are some links that have been keeping me completely distracted from work today.


The tangential path of online research does produce gems every once in a while. Even if it provides proof that I've been scooped.... Twice, that's what I get for not checking Google reader for a few days.

As an update to the reasons to own an iPhone blog post, the Brooklyn Museum is set to release an iPhone App which looks amazing. Look for it in the app store in the coming weeks, and while you're there download some interviews with Jeff Koons and Louise Bourgeois from the Tate's ITunes U.

In other news Shepard Fairey countersues the AP, and flie sharing gurus at the Pirate Bay are found guilty. Which makes this whole copyright mess even more complicated.

A more detailed post concerning Performing Arts and New Media is in the works... regardless of the aforementioned scooping so stay tuned.