Disposable Film Festival

I'm wishing that I lived in NYC today; if I did, I would go see a screening of the Disposable Film Festival (DFF) tonight at 8:00 PM. The DFF is a film festival that showcases works created by artists and amateur artists using only "disposable" media, such as cell phones, point and shoot digital cameras (such as the Flip cam), webcams, and so on. These recording devices don't require (or allow you) to carefully control and adjust the white balance, f-stops, shutter speed, frame rate or all of those other technical things that come into play when using more traditional or complex film or video cameras.

The results are quick and dirty film making at its best and worst. As the DFF mentions on their Web site, all you have to do is 'Point. Shoot. Cut.'

You can check out the videos in the 2008 DFF online, which might be the ideal way to enjoy these works. I'd be curious to see what a live, projected screening would be like, given the quality of video produced by current 'disposable' video technology. We may be approaching a day where festivals like the DFF spring up more and more, as more and more people have access to quick, quality video capturing.