Windows Vista: What does it mean for arts organizations?

Microsoft will soon be releasing the latest version of its operating system, Windows Vista. Microsoft's marketing campaign touts that Vista, being released to the company's business customers on November 30 and everyone else in January, will help users be "connected, clear and confident." The "connected" part of this campaign refers to the ease of connecting to people and information, and the "clear" part is meant to infer that the product's user interface will be straightforward and simple to grasp.

However, it's the "confident" part that most people are interested in, because past versions of Windows have had numerous security flaws. Vista is supposed to feature more advanced methods of detecting and preventing spyware and other electronic threats to your computer. We'll see...

The Technology in the Arts podcast (new episode available now!) will feature interviews from the 2006 TitA conference for the next several weeks, but one of our first non-conference podcasts will examine what Windows Vista will mean for arts organizations: How much will it cost? Will my current computers run Vista? What do I need to know to upgrade?