Starting a Podcast, Part 5

Now that I have some actual mp3 files from my interviews with CAMT staff - check them out and subscribe to the podcast - it's time to release them to the world. My first attempt to build a listenership - yes, that's a real word - is to use a site called Feedburner, which facilitates the distribution of blogs and podcasts.

First, I added to our blog site a "Podcast" category where my new CAMT mp3 files can live. It is important to add each podcast in its own post. Otherwise, a feed reader such as Feedburner or iTunes will only recognize the first audio file in the post and skip the rest.

Next, I registered for a free account on Feedburner. There are fee-based services, such as enhanced subscriber tracking, but I don't imagine this thing will take off fast enough for us to worry about that just yet. I'm charming, but I'm no Bill O'Reilly. (Disclaimer: The previously linked site is not my own, nor do I endorse it. I simply searched "Bill O'Reilly" and that is the funniest result.)

Once you sign up for a Feedburner account and enter the URL for your "Podcast" blog category, Feedburner will automatically create a page where visitors can either download your content or get your feed URL for use in their own podcast aggregators.

Learn more about Feedburner.