Guggenheim expansion

Guggenheim Foundation builds its largest museum in Abu DhabiThis article really highlights some fundamental issues that art organizations will face in the coming decades as our world continues to forge through Middle Eastern issues and globalization as a whole.

Some questions that come to mind:

  • Was the money simply available, or did the Guggenheim solicit the UAE based on extensive marketing research?
  • What benefits does the Guggenheim Foundation receive in positioning itself in Abu Dhabi?
  • What type of curatorial concessions, if any, will the Guggenheim make to successfully market their collection to the Abu Dhabi patrons?
  • If concessions are made, is this considered censorship or cultural sensitivity?
  • Will the development strategy be focused on monies in that region, or will most donations be solicited from the U.S. and the Guggenheim's current contribution sources?
  • How are other large arts organizations positioning themselves in the global economy?

And I feel as if I might be able to question the relevance of the Jewish associations in the Arab country- but that might be just too trite.

I'd like to hear of other's impressions of this event, in addition to examples of other arts organizations taking on new frontiers.