#TBT: DIY Projects for Summer

Sometimes summer time can mean a slightly slower office workflow, or perhaps you just need a change of pace to get the creative juices flowing again. Try one of these DIY projects that are sure to fill up those 'empty' hours with a product that will impress your bosses.


Cell Phone Jammer

In 2012, Wired published an article about creating cell phone jammers. At that time, contributor, Andre Bouchard, shared that article and briefly discusses whether the concert hall is a place for phones. So if you're tired of the endless ringing this article is waiting for you!

ManyChat: The Affordable Chatbot

Next up is a more recent article from 2018 contributor Kate Tsai. She shows us how easy it is to construct a chat bot to help organizations of any size to grow. She also briefly covers how this can lead to accessibility improvements, as well as opportunities for performing arts organizations. 

AR is Easy! Part 1, Part 2

Last Fall contributor Annesha, used information from the gallery Future Tenant to build an AR experience for a fundraising opportunity. See how easy it is to build one of these popular set-ups. 

download (1).jpg

Finally, try a new way to put your content online, or a more accessible way online. Contributor Kara shows the AMT Lab audiences this new trend in Tumblr as a way to show dramaturgy. There re many ways to get the audience more information about an organization or performance, so give something new a try, today!


Hopefully one of these ideas sparked from creativity! Make this summer work for you, and provide new opportunities for audiences.