Artificial Intelligence In Museums: Chatbots, Social Analytics, and More!

Artificial Intelligence is opening up a new world of possibilities for arts organizations in terms of programmatic offerings, guest services, and management. A recent convening of the American Alliance of Museums, hosted by the Perez Art Museum Miami, and sponsored by The Knight Foundation and Alley Interactive, brought together museum professionals, technologists, and futurists to discuss how AI is, and can be used in museums.

Requiem For a Stream: Who's Listening to Classical Music

This is the first of a series on orchestras streaming their performances. This installment centers around the audience. Orchestras have done a lot of research on who their audience is, and there is a lot of data on who streams music. This article talks through both sets of observations and find the overlap between the two.  

Camera Precision: How ARTMYN Leverages Digitization for Engagement

Cataloging is one of the most labor intensive responsibilities for collections management, requiring the expertise of many art-specialists. It typically is also the most encountered feature of a collection, especially when the actual object is restricted with respect to: preservation, accessibility, and engagement. Digitizing collections challenges traditional paradigms for audience interaction,  and one private organization leading the progression is ARTMYN.