News Roundup: Virtual Reality – the beginning of something new

This semester, several AMT-Lab contributors are exploring the potential uses of virtual reality in the arts. Virtual reality technology provides a new perspective for audiences that is easily accessible, requiring equipment sometimes as simple as a smartphone. Because of emerging virtual reality technology, not only do artists have different ways to explore their work, but they also have a new way to engage and interact with their audience. Here is a selection of recent articles that explore how virtual reality technology is transforming the arts.

News Roundup: New Possibilities In 3D

AMT-Lab contributors are always looking at all sorts of new technologies in the world of 3D. With the increasing popularity of technologies such as 3D printing, the possibilities continue to emerge. These new technologies and their uses in the art world keep us interested in how the intersection of art and technology impact our world.

News Roundup: How Digital Distribution is Changing Forms

Every week, AMT-Lab contributors share articles on interesting news at the intersection of technology and arts management. Recently, this practice has generated lots of articles dealing with the distribution of art online. Using the Internet as the platform, museums and artists are spreading their work worldwide.