Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?

"Who's afraid of modern art?“ – with this question, students begin their guided journey through the Städel Museum`s new online course. The oldest museum foundation in Germany is celebrating their 200th birthday by redefining their communication strategy to fit the digital age. Part of this change is the implementation of an online art history course and more recently a virtual reality tour of the museum in the 19th century. This course is an addition to the museum new offerings, like a digitorial, a digital catalogue that informs you about the current exhibition or an online audio tour.

AMT Lab contributor Seggen Mikael sat down with Chantal Eschenfelder, Head oft he Educational Department, and Axel Braun, Head of PR and Online Communication, to discuss the online course`s implementation and success, as well as the Städel Museum’s other offerings in their digital revolution.

Artists and Robots Collaborating

What is the potential for collaborations between robots and human artists? AMT Lab contributor Yasmin Foqahaa recently spoke with Yeliz Karadayi, a Carnegie Mellon University student working with a team of creators in the 2016 Robot Art Contest. Read on to see their discussion about the project and the future of robotics and art.

A Conversation with Estimote’s Mark Modzelewski

AMT Lab Contributor Kate Martin sits down with Estimote's Mark Modzelewski. As one of the premiere beacon manufacturers in the world, Estimote is on the cutting edge of providing contextually rich mobile experiences that connect the real world to your smart phone. As both an artist and technology professional, Modzelewski provides unique insight into beacon technology and its applications to the arts and culture industry.

What’s on Your Phone, Karina Mangu-Ward

Karina Mangu-Ward is the director of strategic initiatives of EmcArts. EmcArts tries to create an environment to test innovative strategies and help culture embrace change through workshops, trainings and collaborations with communities and organizations. AMT lab contributor Yasmin Foqahaa recently talked to her about what apps she uses and why.