Podcast: Digital Civil Society, Blockchain, and Data Management in the Nonprofit Sector

In the newest installment of the ATM-Lab podcast series, Chief Editor, Jenee Iyer, speaks with Lucy Bernholz, Director and Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society about digital civil society, blockchain, data analytics and more.

Interview with Emma Slayton: CLIR Fellow for Data Visualization

Emma Slayton, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) fellow for data visualization at Carnegie Mellon University, spoke with AMT Lab about data visualization tools, techniques, and methods. Emma sees many opportunities for this science to develop in the non-profit and arts sectors.

Interview with Regina Smith of the Kresge Foundation

Regina R. Smith is managing director of The Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture Program. She leads efforts to identify prospects for national funding opportunities and partnerships in the arts and culture field.

Regina has been with the Foundation since 2008 as a program officer and senior program officer, working to advance the deliberate integration of arts and culture into community development through creative placemaking.

The Augmented Museum: A Dialogue with Desi Gonzalez and a Collection of Essays

To commemorate the release of our first publication "The Augmented Museum" we spoke with Desi Gonzalez of The Andy Warhol Museum. Desi shared her experience and expertise on Augmented Reality and the future of AR for arts organizations.

Interview with Suzy Delvalle of Creative Capital

Suzy Delvalle discusses her experience as the recently-appointed head of Creative Capital, an innovative arts foundation that adapts venture capital concepts to support individual artists, as well as the direction in which she plans to lead the organization. A native of Curacao, Delvalle has previously worked with Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling and El Museu del Barrio.

Managing Collection Provenance With Art Tracks

Art exhibition and provenance records are some of the most vital tools museum managers have for understanding and interpreting their collections. Yet for many institutions these records are the last record to be digitized. In this video, David Newbury of the Carnegie Museum of Art speaks with AMT Lab contributor Jenee Iyer about Art Tracks.