Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Building Advocacy through Development

There are numerous causes to support in today’s political climate. While topics like gun control and the environment dominate news feeds and airtime, advocating for the arts is just as necessary, particularly in a world where importance of the arts is often overlooked. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a way for arts organizations to both build advocacy and raise money.

Camera Precision: How ARTMYN Leverages Digitization for Engagement

Cataloging is one of the most labor intensive responsibilities for collections management, requiring the expertise of many art-specialists. It typically is also the most encountered feature of a collection, especially when the actual object is restricted with respect to: preservation, accessibility, and engagement. Digitizing collections challenges traditional paradigms for audience interaction,  and one private organization leading the progression is ARTMYN.

Digital Storytelling: 5 Tools That Make Data Worth Looking At

Arts organizations want to take data from the basic displays that everyone has in their annual reports to something that tells a story, motivates constituents to act, and makes people pay attention. Here are 5 tools to that can help take an organization's reporting to the next level. 

How Do You Compare in Digital Fundraising?

AMT Lab is researching emerging digital fundraising tools so that arts organizations can, hopefully, take a bigger part of the 14% increase in online giving. With $380 billion dollars of giving in the USA in 2017 and more people than ever giving online, the future of fundraising is changing before us.  And don't be fooled -- the majority of the online donors were older than 49 years old.  To understand how the arts can maximize current and emerging fundraising opportunities, a benchmark of what is happening in the field today is underway.