Amadeus Code: Brave New World of A.I. Music Generation

Japanese startup Amadeus Code, an “artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant,” is the latest app that is riding the wave of A.I. art-generation. The algorithm scans a diverse database of popular music from the past 500 centuries (in theory - the earliest song this reviewer discovered was Schubert’s “Ave Maria” from 1825) and allows the user to specify the note range and length, drama, familiarity, and era. The app then creates a unique instrumental harmony based on these specifications, drawing inspiration from songs that have similar characteristics.

ArtBinder Viewer: Galleries, Artists and Collectors in the Digital Age

Avant-garde art, pioneering artists, eye-opening exhibitions: you might think you can only see such things at a museum or a gallery. Guess what? You can now have the same experience at home, with ArtBinder Viewer. ArtBinder Viewer is a digital platform where you can browse artwork from some of the most reputable art galleries and artists around the globe.