New White Paper: Open Data and Data Visualization in Arts Organizations

Data collection and communication is an essential tool for effectively managing arts organizations. Data visualization techniques can reveal organizational or industry insights in a manner which is easy for managers to understand and communicate to their stakeholders. Explore sources for open source data, and low cost, high impact data visualization tools in this new white paper.

Meeting Audiences Where They Are: The Data Behind Streaming Classical Music

As streaming becomes the most popular method of consuming music, orchestras and opera companies have an additional method of distributing their content. Which organizations are currently taking advantage of streaming and how are they using it? This raw data set helps answer those questions.

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How Do You Compare in Digital Fundraising?

AMT Lab is researching emerging digital fundraising tools so that arts organizations can, hopefully, take a bigger part of the 14% increase in online giving. With $380 billion dollars of giving in the USA in 2017 and more people than ever giving online, the future of fundraising is changing before us.  And don't be fooled -- the majority of the online donors were older than 49 years old.  To understand how the arts can maximize current and emerging fundraising opportunities, a benchmark of what is happening in the field today is underway.

Free Tools and New Ideas from the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference (Part I of III)

The Nonprofit Technology Conference (#NTC17) met in March in Washington, DC, the headquarters of all nonprofits.  The conference was vast with inspiring keynotes and information-filled panels.  The following is only a sampling of what was available and reveals my passions and interests: Data, Diversity and Communication.