UX Design for Accessibility: 6 Steps to WCAG Compliance

The website is a place where participants get to know more about the organization. Designing a webpage that accommodates people with all kinds of different needs is a main step to make the organization accessible. Here are six low-cost, quick web design considerations that any organization can easily employ to improve the website.

Interactive - Map of the Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Palmyra

This interactive map will take you on the journey of Palmyra's 2,000 year old Arch of Triumph, beginning in 2005, with Bassel al Safadi Khartabil's effort to virtually document the city, and ending in present day. Explore this excerpt of the arch's history, and begin to understand the ways in which digital technologies have impacted it's destruction and it's digital reconstruction. 

Accessibility Rebooted: Technological Advancements to Improve Accessibility in Museums

With the growing emphasis on providing learning experiences that occur outside the classroom, accessibility and inclusivity is of paramount importance to museums transitioning into the 21st century. As museums become more inclusive, their methods of communication must be equally as effective between people with disabilities and those without.

5 Technologies with the Potential to Enhance Museum Experience

As new technologies emerge in the market, museums are able to enhance visitor experiences through innovative tools, allowing for increased accessibility and interaction with the visitors.

Here are five exciting technologies that are upending traditional notions at many museums across the world, and changing the way museums can present their exhibitions and in-gallery experiences.