Tech to Improve Inclusive Hiring Communications

Including equity, diversity and inclusion into your arts organization’s hiring efforts starts before you even start bringing candidates in for interviews. The job descriptions and postings your organization is publishing are likely biased, no matter how much you have worked to make them neutral. Are you ready to find the best candidates for your organization? There’s an app for that.

Textio is an augmented writing platform that helps produce highly effective job postings. Textio works by analyzing over 10 million job postings and their outcomes every month. For a monthly subscription fee, you can upload your job listings and Textio will give it a “score” based on the language used, length, and bias. Once you receive your initial score for a job posting, Textio will highlight problem areas and give suggestions that would make the overall post stronger, less biased and more effective. Wondering how inclusive job postings actually impact your organization?

1. Job postings that have neutral, unbiased language result in faster hires.

In arts organizations, positions are rarely available, but when they are, often need to be filled quickly. Using software like Textio can help you hire great people fast.

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2. Inclusive, non-gendered language in job postings will increase your organization’s diversity.

Job postings that have more masculine phrases result in male hires, whereas job postings that have more feminine phrases result in female hires.

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3. Positive, unbiased and inclusive job postings will result in a better, more qualified applicant pool.

Job postings with higher Textio scores and neutral tones result in more qualified applicants.

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The Logistics

Textio isn’t just for job postings. Users can utilize Textio for all hiring related communications. For example, many use Textio for email communications when coordinating with applicants. The app can be used individually or with your entire team, allowing for collaboration between a large HR department.

There are two different options for subscribing to Textio. The first is their standalone subscription. This option includes all of the basic functions you need to improve your hiring communications. Pricing depends on how many open job postings you have at any given moment.

The second option is the Data Exchange Partnership. This option includes everything in the Standalone Subscription plus access to Textio’s predictive engine platform and data. In addition, customers in the Data Exchange Partnership receive quarterly reports showing the ROI of their Textio usage. For an additional fee, customers of the Data Exchange Partnership can customize their Textio suggestions based on unique company brand and values. The Data Exchange Partnership pricing also depends on how many open job postings your company has on the platform at any given moment. If you would like to try Textio out, they allow users to use it for free for 2 weeks.

Are you curious about how Textio works?  We recorded the following video for you to experience it for yourself: