What's on Your Phone, Chris Siefert?

AMT Lab Contributor Kate Lin recently interviewed Chris Siefert, the Deputy Director at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Mr. Siefert served as the Director of Exhibits beginning in 1998 and took on the Project Manager role during the Museum’s $28 million expansion that opened in 2004. He was selected as a 2013-2014 Noyce Leadership Fellow among sixteen other senior-level executives from around the world for their ability to make a positive impact on their institutions and surrounding community. 

Kate Lin :  What are the apps you use every day, and why do you like them?

Chris Siefert: Spotify - I listen to music daily; helps me to focus my work.  The Calendar because I need to remind myself every day what I’m doing… and schedule future appointments. Calculator – in my work I do a lot of calculations and it is the fastest way to get the math done.   

KL:  Is there an app you think developers should be working on?

CS: It might exist already … but I would like to see a tracking / mapping app that maps my movements in real time when I walk my dog.  At the end of the walk I could then see the path we took, and I could save the map image for future reference.  Could also be scaled up for bike rides and car trips.

KL:  Is there an app that surprised you with its usefulness?

CS: Kayak is great to get a quick sense of what a trip will cost.

KL:  If you could recommend one app for every arts manager, what would it be? 

CS: Zillow so you can locate an affordable place to live!