What's On Your Phone, Nora Fleury?

Nora Fleury graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Arts Management Program in 2015 and is currently the Program and Development Associate at the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). Nora is primarily responsible for developing and coordinating all leadership development and artistic exchange program activities as well as supporting all areas of development with a specific focus on individual giving. AMT Lab contributor Katie Grennan recently caught up with Nora about what her favorite apps are.

1. What apps do you use every day and why do you like them?

I like starting my day with Headspace, a fun and simple meditation app with a variety of guided meditations to suit any timeframe and mood! I got hooked on their free take 10 program and just upgraded to their paid app. Espresso, the Economist’s app, is my go-to daily news round-up for a concise review from a global perspective. At work I don’t get far without Todoist, my to-do list app. It’s on my phone, desktop, and Outlook and keeps both my work and personal tasks in order. I particularly like that it syncs across all my platforms so that I can review it and add to it wherever I am. Finally, I’ve always found myself to be most productive in coffee shops so I often turn to Coffitivity when I crave bustling white noise in the office.

2. Is there an app that would solve your problems?

I’m in search for an app that will help manage program application processes – from developing application materials, accepting applications, transferring data to reviewers, compiling scores, and facilitating the selection process – if this exists, let me know!

3. Is there an app which surprised you with its usefulness?

Last summer I found myself continuously going back to the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival’s App – a summer-long free outdoor performing arts festival that takes place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. In addition to having an easy to navigate schedule the app also had a great “discover” section for all of their featured performers, complete with additional information, audio, and video. When I found a performance I was interested in, the app also allowed me to share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email in one simple click!

Another app that I’m keeping an eye on is Breather, which is essentially an app for temporary private work space. I keep meaning to try it in New York when I’m in need of a quiet space to meet with someone.   It could also be a great opportunity for committee and/board meetings if in need of larger space.

4. If you could recommend an app for every arts manager, what would it be?

I personally like Todoist (a task management app), but I’ve also been on teams that have greatly benefited from using Asana too!