What’s on Your Phone, Karina Mangu-Ward


Karina Mangu-Ward is the director of strategic initiatives of EmcArts. EmcArts tries to create an environment to test innovative strategies and help culture embrace change through workshops, trainings and collaborations with communities and organizations. AMT lab contributor Yasmin Foqahaa recently talked to her about what apps she uses and why.

Yasmin Foqahaa: What are the apps you use every day and why do you like them? 

Karina Mangu-Ward: I need these basic iOS apps to simply get through the day and keep track of myself in time and space: Phone, Mail, Calendar,  Clock, Weather, Text, and Notes.

 I get my news and connection to the world with NYTimes , Facebook and Feedly

I obsessively check transit times and walking routes via Google Maps and I use the NYC bus tracker website (and do endless googling) on Chrome.

 There's a bunch more that I use weekly for entertainment and functionality!

 Yasmin Foqahaa: Is there an app that surprised you with its usefulness?

 Karina Mangu-Ward: I use my Delta app because I fly a lot for work. I'm always delighted by how useful I find it. No more losing tickets. My banking app is a huge time saver. What a fantastic innovation. I love Zillow for real estate gawking. Very well made. Guilty pleasure. I also have an app for my Roku that I used when the remote died on me. The DropBox app has saved me a few times in a work crunch. Amazon, Hulu and Netflix have done a nice job with their apps. Especially Amazon which let's you download content now. 

 Yasmin Foqahaa: Is there an app you think developers should be working on?

 Karina Mangu-Ward: I need an app that makes my phone super crazy dim at night. Like barely on - much dimmer than the lowest setting now.

Yasmin Foqahaa: If you could recommend one app to arts managers, what would it be? 

 Karina Mangu-Ward: Feedly I guess, to create an aggregated feed of all the excellent arts blogs!