What's on Your Phone, Nina Marie Barbuto?

An interview with Nina Barbuto, Founder and Director of Assemble, a community space for arts and technology in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jackie: What are the apps you use every day, and why do you like them?

Nina: Gmail: You need this

Calendar: My life doesn't happen with out this

Messenger: So many people talk to me on Facebook for some reason!

Twitter + Instagram: Pushing Assemble's brand, and retweeting what is going on in the Maker Ed/Art/ STEM world

Expensify: Keeping track of expenses! You can have a report PDF send to your email.

Google Now: Tells me everything, like where to go.

 I have some meditation apps to help keep me level. Personally, I also have a fitbit, so I use that every day.

Jackie: Is there an app you think developers should be working on?

Nina: Something with time sheets. Having something for people to check in and then produce the invoices for you. Also more apps for evaluations for programs! And a booking app. 

Jackie: Is there an app which surprised you with its usefulness?

Nina: Instagram and Snapchat! I have been able to connect with other artists this way. These apps are a great way of experiencing someone's thought or making process. It also helps when you do studio visits etc. 

Jackie: If you could recommend an app for every arts manager, what would it be?

Nina: Um.. Square!