#TBT: 2016 in Review

Here at AMT-Lab, we are all enjoying the holidays while looking forward to what 2016 will bring. With 2015 quickly waning, we decided to take a look back at the past year to remember our eleven most popular features, reviews, and publications. Here is AMT-Lab's 2016 Year in Review:

1) The Giving Pledge: A Start to Engage Tech Philanthropy

This piece by Jennifer Moreci investigates The Giving Pledge, a program designed to encourage billionaires to pledge their wealth to charitable causes. Moreci uses this article to wonder how the arts can benefit from this pledge.

2) What Arts Managers Can Learn from Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower Project

This June feature by Jackie Shimshoni examines an innovative marketing technique employed by the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. The project turned a Pittsburgh skyscraper into a community “mood-ring.” This piece was featured on the popular mailing list, You’ve Cott Mail.

3) 2015 Ticketing Software Survey Release

In 2015 AMT-Lab conducted its most recent Ticketing Software Survey. This publication was a highlight of the year, and you can read all of our findings here.

4) What’s on Your Phone, Natalie Howard?

Kathleen Grennan’s October interview with Natalie Howard of Trinity Irish Dances in Chicago showcases some indispensable mobile apps for arts managers.

5) Calling all Nonprofits: Talk Smarter with Slack

Sarah Murphy’s review of Slack, a popular communication tool, explains all of the apps features and pricing.

6) Gallery One: Engaging Audiences Infographic

Check out this infographic from May created by Sarah Murphy. The engaging graphic illustrates the various components of The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One.

7) Attendance Trends: a Case for Technology in Museums

This piece by Sarah Murphy looks at how museums are using technology to build audiences and attendance. The piece combines data from a 2013 NEA Report and a case study about Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One.

8) Redefining Boundaries at the Museum: Crowdsourced Exhibition at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

This January feature by Giorgia Gandolfini examines the unique relationship between crowdsourcing and curating in an exhibit at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

9) InstantEncore: App Development for Performing Arts Organizations

Colin Baylor’s review of InstantEncore, an app developer, looks at various features and abilities of apps designed by the company. For organizations interested in creating a new app, this article gives details on one option for moving forward.

10) ToDoist: An App to Manage Your To-Do List Anytime, Anywhere

Nora Fleury’s review of the popular organizational app provides a rundown of the application’s features and uses.

11) From Strategy to Analysis: A Guide to Navigating Google Analytics

This useful publication by Kristen Sorek West is a great introduction to implementing a data-driven marketing approach. The guide helps managers achieve their organizational goals by providing a theoretical case study in which an arts organization starts using Google Analytics.


Banner image by Cienkamila, licensed under Creative Commons.