The Amazing Slow Downer Speeds Up Learning

Nothing is better at providing music professionals and educators instant access to the world’s never ending music collection than streaming music services such as Spotify and iTunes, right? Wrong! The Amazing Slow Downer by Roni Music, a company that develops user-friendly music software, adds another welcomed layer to music accessibility by taking a music track and allowing the user to quickly adjust the speed and pitch. While there are many possible uses for this handy and nimble mobile app, those operating in the music industry in a managerial role or as educators will find the ease and speed at which musical insights can be gained and shared of particular value.

Pick any song. While software programs with similar features have been available for a number of years, such as Apple’s Garage Band (first released in 2004), the file import restrictions were limited to mp3 or WAV files uploaded from a desktop or laptop computer. The latest version of this mobile app has seamless integration capabilities with other popular music apps such iTunes, Dropbox, and Spotify, making it easier than ever to take a song from any artist in the world and understand its complexities and arrangements. 



Edit your music. Once the song of choice is loaded into the app’s main screen, the user has the ability to adjust the mix, pitch and speed. This feature can be of particular use when teaching a certain piece of music to a diverse range of instruments or ability levels; instead of manually transcribing, the app now creates a customized sound file within a matter of seconds. Additionally, the user can choose to hone in on a certain section of the track by creating a simple “loop,” defined as a selected start and end area that repeats over and over again. Those needing to understand a certain segment of a piece of music in a crunch for dance choreography or a theatre production will benefit immensely from this feature, as it eliminates the need to manually rewind a track over and over again. 

Save your customized music for future use. In previous versions of The Amazing Slow Downer, sound file updates were limited to use within the program itself.  One of the best features of this version is that the user can now easily save and export the adjustments made during the working session within the program as an attachment to an email file, allowing the work session and sound adjustments to live beyond the confines of the app. The user can keep the altered sound file for their own records, share it with a broader audience, or utilize it immediately in a working environment. Additionally, students will be able to leverage the educational benefits made possible by the app without any financial investment by working with the tailored file distributed to them directly by their instructor. 

The Amazing Slow Downer’s intuitive user interface and integrated connectivity among other popular music applications makes it a must-have for music educators and performing arts administrators. As the digital and arts world continue to intersect and become increasingly mobile, this application is sure to add value to all professionals who operate within both spaces.

Banner image by Leo Reynolds, licensed under Creative Commons.