Teaching Arts Through Tech: Part 2

Image source:  The Clyde Fitch Report

Teaching Arts Through Tech is a 3-part podcast series of interviews with individuals making contributions to the field of integrated arts and tech.  These interviews will also inform my semester-long research project, culminating in a White Paper about using technology to facilitate integrated arts learning.

My second interviewee was Jessica Wilt.  Jessica runs the organization ArtsEdTech NYC, based in New York City.  Arts Ed Tech is a meetup group designed to discuss the intersection of arts, technology and education.

Some key takeaways from our talk:

-Complaining about what’s going wrong is not as helpful as focusing on the positive and forging interdisciplinary connections.

-Technology for technology’s sake is a waste.  It is important to get comfortable with it and understand how it actually serves a purpose within the lesson plans taking place.

-For those teachers who wish to implement tech, the best place to start is by demonstrating the need.  Bringing in your own personal technology to get acclimated and set an example of how technology will realistically be used is a great place to start.

-The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is rapidly gaining traction, utilizing the technology that students already have and using them as part of the learning process.  To learn more about BYOD, check out my research update regarding BYOD and 1:1, another method of classroom tech integration.

-Technology is also helpful for out-of-classroom learning experiences, promoting inquiry and natural curiosity among teens.

-Americans for the Arts is a great resource for anyone who is interested in taking a more active role in arts advocacy. 

Comment below if you have any thoughts or stories about the collaboration of art education and tech!