Applications for Inspiration: IBM THINK and Moodstream

Today is a day for inspired thought and dreamy retrospection as we take a look at two neat applications; IBM THINK and Getty Images’ Moodstream. The first marvels in the progress of mankind while the second uses a combination of archived photographs, videos, and music to create a mood!


IBM Think, a newly released app, will most certainly make you THINK about progress, technology, and human achievement.  The app takes you on a journey through the “patterns of human progress and shows how technology can improve the world around us.” It is divided into five interactive sections, which are explained as follows:

Seeing: Navigate an illustrated timeline documenting our quest to measure the world with increasingly precise tools.

Mapping: Discover some of the world’s most important maps and explore how they organize complex information.

Understanding: Interact with the models used to untangle and predict the behaviors of the world.

Believing: Listen to leaders of world-changing initiatives explain how they build belief.

Acting: Travel across a virtual globe to discover some of the most inspiring examples of systemic progress

The app is beautifully designed and makes use of interesting graphics, imagery, and video throughout the five sections. The drawback of its simplicity is that the graphics and imagery overshadow the text-based explanations, leaving much to be desired in terms of understanding and knowledge. Yet for an app that’s free, it’s worth every little byte of information!

Now, onto a website that is always moody.


“Moodstream is a powerful brainstorming tool designed to help take you in inspiring, unexpected directions. Whether you want images, footage or audio, or just need a stream of fresh ideas, tweak the Moodstream sliders to bring a whole new creative palette straight to you.”

Developed by Getty Images, Moodstream allows you to waltz between various moods while showering you with the appropriate audio-visual content.  It’s also a neat way to explore the Getty’s vast collection of digital media.

Have a look at these applications because they will make your day that much more informative and inspirational!