Podcast Episode #70 - Discussion of "Theatre & Social Media in 2009" with Devon Smith

Social MediaIn this episode of the Technology in the Arts podcast, CAMT marketing assistant Pat Germann interviews Devon Smith, director of research and analysis for Yale Repertory Theatre, about her recent report "Theatre & Social Media in 2009." Devon Smith holds an MBA from Yale School of Management, an MFA in Theatre Management from the Yale School of Drama, a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Washington. She is a long time nonprofit manager, social media addict, and has developed a burgeoning interest in cinematography and world travel. With a voracious appetite for blogs & books, she is currently in pursuit of a fabulous, high paying, soul-fulfilling job that combines all of her interests–or, you know, anyone willing to actually hire her.

Read the full report (PDF 5.8 MB) >>

Visit Devon's blog: http://www.devonvsmith.com