Technology in the Arts #40

In our most recent episode, Brad and Jason answer a listener's questions, including: 1. Why is Google saying my site is evil? 2. What are the best ways for artists to market themselves online?

Also, Brad attends Museums and the Web 2008 in Montreal, Canada, and interviews Web usability gurus Michael Twidale, associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and Paul Marty, associate professor at Florida State University's College of Information.

Use the following handy-dandy links to follow along with the episode:

Google's Harmful Site Info - Are Google's search results saying a Web site may be harmful? Here is some info to help make sense of that scary message.

SQL Injections - Some information about SQL injections: What are they? How do I fix it? How do I prevent them?

Paul Marty's Usability Info - A great place to start your research on simple, affordable Web usability testing.

Don't Make Me Think - A great book about Web site usability.

Cool Sites of the Episode

Jason: - Personalized weather and traffic information.

Brad: and - A great blogging platform that can also be used as a content management system. We've talked about it before, but Brad thought it was worth a mention, as the new Technology in the Arts site is built entirely in WordPress.

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Podcast - Technology in the Arts #40