Technology in the Arts #21

Podcast - Technology in the Arts #21 In our most recent podcast, Brad and guest co-host Josh Futrell discuss the open source operating system Ubuntu and a $99 computer... seriously. Also, we feature a conversation with Brad Carlin - our first of three interviews leading up to the 2007 Technology in the Arts conference. Carlin and Erica Block will be co-presenting a session at the conference on using social media to build community.

And our ongoing - possibly never ending - challenge still stands: We're still waiting on someone to send Brad a MySpace page that looks good. The first person to achieve this seemingly impossible task will win a free lunch.

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Use the following handy-dandy links to follow along with the episode:

Ubuntu - Open source Linux-based operating system

decTOP - The $99 computer

Technology in the Arts - Check the official site for conference information

SITI Company - New York is their base, but the world is their venue - A fun and useful Web-based data archive

Red Studio - MOMA's interactive, student-designed art education site

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