Technology in the Arts #19

Podcast - Technology in the Arts #19 In our most recent podcast, Brad and Jason talk about the long-awaited 'Sopranos' finale and provide a teaser of the sessions being featured at the 2007 Technology in the Arts conference. We also feature part one of Brad's interview with master audio mixer Girl Talk.

Also, we're still waiting on someone to respond to the challenge of sending Brad a MySpace page that looks good. The first person to achieve this seemingly impossible task will win a free lunch.

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Use the following handy-dandy links to follow along with the episode:

HBO's Official Sopranos Site - Join the community and debate the finale for eternity

Star Wars - Make your own fan film using new audio/video mashup tools from Eyespot

Technology in the Arts - Check the official site for frequent conference updates

Girl Talk on Wikipedia - Unlock the secrets of the Girl Talk samples

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