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#TBT: DIY Projects for Summer

Sitting at work bored? Check out these past AMT Lab articles to get some ideas for manageable projects to improve your organization!

Meeting Audiences Where They Are: The Data Behind Streaming Classical Music

As streaming becomes the most popular method of consuming music, orchestras and opera companies have an additional method of distributing their content. Which organizations are currently taking advantage of streaming and how are they using them? This raw data set helps answer those questions.

Photo source: http://www.violinist.com/blog/laurie/201611/20869/

AMT Lab News Roundup: May

Missed out on the news last month? AMT Lab has you covered with the highlights of the most helpful and important articles at the intersection of arts, management & technology.

Telling Stories with Data: 4 Steps to Making Data Visualizations More Readable

Data visualization helps art institutions communicate with internal and external communities more effectively and efficiently. There are a numbers of quality data visualization tools available for free, but how arts managers use these tools defines how effective the data visualization. The following four strategies provide a guideline for arts managers to create data visualization with purpose and impact.

Interview with Emma Slayton: CLIR Fellow for Data Visualization

Emma Slayton, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) fellow for data visualization at Carnegie Mellon University, spoke with AMT Lab about data visualization tools, techniques, and methods. Emma sees many opportunities for this science to develop in the non-profit and arts sectors.