Interview with Emma Slayton: CLIR Fellow for Data Visualization

Emma Slayton, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) fellow for data visualization at Carnegie Mellon University, spoke with AMT Lab about data visualization tools, techniques, and methods. Emma sees many opportunities for this science to develop in the non-profit and arts sectors.

How Can Google Analytics Solve Operational Challenges?

Though often used to analyze traffic and commerce, Google Analytics is a powerful tool whose applications are near-limitless. In this new handbook, AMT Lab contributor Kathleen Grennan illustrates a number of ways in which arts managers of all types can use Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions in operational settings. From obtaining new audiences to bolstering fundraising efforts, this is a good introduction to this flexible tool. Click here to find the full report.

How Can Google Analytics Help Your Arts Organization Increase Your Audience?

Many arts organizations are constantly struggling to both bring in new patrons as well as maintain engagement among their existing base. Unfortunately, research shows that this hurdle is not going to disappear anytime soon due to a number of factors, as arts attendance has been on a steady decline in recent decades. Fortunately, Google Analytics gives arts managers the power to answer questions about their current audience demographics based on website traffic in order to both understand demographic trends and how best to target new audiences.