Interview with Regina Smith of the Kresge Foundation

Regina R. Smith is managing director of The Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture Program. She leads efforts to identify prospects for national funding opportunities and partnerships in the arts and culture field.

Regina has been with the Foundation since 2008 as a program officer and senior program officer, working to advance the deliberate integration of arts and culture into community development through creative placemaking.

UX Design for Accessibility: 6 Steps to WCAG Compliance

The website is a place where participants get to know more about the organization. Designing a webpage that accommodates people with all kinds of different needs is a main step to make the organization accessible. Here are six low-cost, quick web design considerations that any organization can easily employ to improve the website.

Learning How To Visualize Data: Free & Low Cost Professional Development for Beginners

Graphing is something that many people have had to do, whether it was in 9th grade algebra or on last year’s annual report. For some managers this is a simple task, but for others it is more difficult. Here is a list of how to start learning these skills and where these courses can be found online.

Digital Humanities: Library of Congress Labs Opens Collections for Productivity and Play

Archives generally are expected to be places of preservation and documentation, as opposed to innovative research. However, the Library of Congress, America’s oldest archive, just recently unveiled a virtual laboratory space to promote experimental research and creative uses for their aged collections.

Nonprofit Technology Conference #18NTC

NTEN's annual conference is always a special treat. Vendors and attendees all focused on making the world a better place while investigating the appropriate role technology plays in that transformation.  With 144 sessions plus keynotes, Birds of a Feather lunch tables, Ignite talks and pre-conference workshops, to say the conference is robust is an understatement.  The following are my main take-away from the conference, but if you are curious for more, be sure to check out their social channels with hashtag #18NTC.